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Weekday Exclusive Skate Party
Weekday Exclusive Skate Party
Party for up to 60 skaters and customers bring their own food.
  • RollerCity, Skate Party, Exclusive Skate Party
  • 120

    • Exclusive use of Roller City
    • 2 hours on the rink
    • Skate hire included
    • Unlimited accompanying adults
    • Unlimited jugs of squash throughout your party
    • Music provided or bring your own playlist to hear your favourite tunes
    • Bring your own food
    • Can bring up to 60 skaters
    • Party invites to download here
    We provide music or you can bring your own playlist to hear your favourite tunes.

    There are two ways we can play your tunes:

    1. You can set up your songs on a Spotify list and as long it is a public list we can search for and then play your list.
    2. We can play from any device with a 3mm headphone jack outlet provided that the songs and playlist are saved to the device.  

    PARTY TIMES: 5.30-7.30pm

    PRICE: £220

    Please Note:
    All skaters must be 8 years of age or over. 
    A group of skaters is NOT a party unless it involves a transaction for a Weekday RollerCity Exclusive Party.

    Roller City Skating Rules

    Skate Parties Terms And Conditions

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