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Skate Party
Skate Party
Affordable fun skate parties for everyone...

  • Skate Party, RollerCity
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    Entry is with other skaters at the public session, and the party starts and ends with the roller skating session.

    We provide music or you can bring your own playlist to hear your favourite tunes.

    There are two ways we can play your tunes:

    1. You can set up your songs on a Spotify list and as long it is a public list we can search for and then play your list.
    2. We can play from any device with a 3mm headphone jack outlet provided that the songs and playlist are saved to the device.  


    £155 per table for up to 15 skaters and includes food  
    £310 for two tables up to 30 skaters and includes food

    Please Note: A group of 15 or more skaters is NOT a party unless it involves a transaction for a Skate Party.

    Food Options

    Stuff You Need To Know & Important information

    RollerCity Skating Rules

    Skate Parties Terms And Conditions


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