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Shooting Stars: Bugsy Malone
Shooting Stars: Bugsy Malone
  • Live Theatre
  • 135
  • Dandy Dan's hoodlums terrorise the district, exterminating undesirables with their new weapon splurge guns. His rival is Fat Sam Stacetto, who runs the Grand Slam Speakeasy, but Fat Sam's gang still use old fashioned pies. Fat Sam engages the help of Bugsy Malone, a smooth city slicker who hitherto has been more occupied in sweet talking Blousey Brown, a would be girl singer. With Bugsy’s help, will Fat Sam be able to reclaim the streets of New York?

    BUGSY MALONE presented by Shooting Stars Academy
    Play by Alan Parker
    Words and Music by Paul Williams
    By arrangement with Faber Music Ltd. On behalf of Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.

    Running Time: 135 minutes

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