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Feminista Film Festival: 2020 UK Tour (12A)
Feminista Film Festival: 2020 UK Tour (12A)
Come and celebrate International Women's Day with the inspiring documentary of 8 short films curated into one incredibly moving and inspiring feature...
  • 125
  • 12A
  • Running time: 2h 5mins  (the full running time, inclusive of trailers)

    The Feminista Film Festival, now into its 2nd annual festival is launching a UK Tour on International Women’s Day.

    Laurie and Dan Mucha founded the Feminista Film Festival and Tour because they believe stories about women and girls need a stronger voice.

    The programme includes the following 8 short films from Wales to Pakistan, from swimmers to activists – it’s a feature that will inspire and connect audiences!

    Life of Pie

    Director: Ben Knight and Travis Rummel 
    Starring: N/A

    Single-track shedders and pizza chefs Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller have transformed their town and a mountain biking hotspot with their Hot Tomato Café.
    Girls Section

    Director: Kathryn Everett 
    Starring: N/A 

    Life is hard in remote northern Pakistan - even harder for girls who want an education. Despite their fifficulties, a quiet revolution is growing. For the first time, girls in the region are challenging tradition for their right to go to school.

    My Mom Vala

    Director: RC Cone 
    Starring: N/A 

    Rovers run through Vala Arnadottir's blood and she's teaching her daughter Mathilda everything she knows.


    Director: Boryana Ivanova 
    Starring: N/A 

    Once a swimming champion in Syria, Sarach now finds herself on a broken boat in the Mediterranean.


    Director: Ben Knight and Travis Rummel  
    Starring: N/A 

    Katie Lee was a Hollywood scarlet turned river rat, guitar-weilding folk-singer, uncomprimising defender of wilderness and mischivous rabble-rouser.


    Director: Rachel Pikelny  
    Starring: N/A

    The journey of a 36-year-old surburban soccer mom and breast cancer survivor who decided to reclaim her body by covering her mastectomy scars with an elaborate tattoo.  


    Director: Andrew Margetson 
    Starring: N/A 

    A strikingly intimate study of the great classical ballerina, Marianela Nuez.

    My Big White Thighs and Me

    Director: Hannah Maia 
    Starring: N/A

    A young woman has fallen out of love, with her body. Frustrated, she wishes they didn't have to hang out so much. Committed to making a change, she sets herself the simple goal of swimming in open water at least once a month for a year.