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Zumba: The class is on every Wednesday at 10am for one hour.Price £5.50.

Childminder Information: A childminder gets 25% discount on Soft Play City for all children between 4 – 8 years and 50% off childminder and adult tickets. Must have a Campus West Childminder’s card and discount is only available on weekdays.

Art Basics & Beyond: It’s usually on Tuesdays at Vineyard Barn for 12 weeks. Price £12 a head per session.

Parties: In RollerCity or Soft Play City you have the option of an exclusive private party or a party in an open public session: Duration of party is 2 hours and number of accompanying adults allowed is unlimited. We currently run 4 types of parties -

Skate Party -  Skate hire, food and drink for either  15 or 30 skaters. £10.33 per skater (£155 per table). max of 15 per table. Parties recommended for people aged 8 and ove

Exclusive Skate Party -  This party gives exclusive access to a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 100 skaters to our roller rink, with skate hire, music, food and drinks for every skater! Prices from £9 a skater.

Soft Play Party - Package including soft play fun, food & drink for 10 (£83.50), 20 (£167), 30 (£250.50) or 40 (£334) children. There are 4 tables available and each table sits 10 children.

Exclusive Soft Play Party - This party gives exclusive access to a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 100 children to all soft play areas, food and drinks for every child! Prices from £7.50 a child

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